Our new name and website: The Global Infrastructure Institute

Since its start in February 2015 the Global Infrastructure Think Tank has been growing rapidly. These rapid developments came with growing insights. These developments and insights required an adjustment of name to cover the wider range of activities and to address the challenges ahead. For that reason the Global Infrastructure Think Tank will from now on be called the Global Infrastructure InstituteWe also took the opportunity to restyle the website in order to accommodate all changes and to ensure convenient use on all sorts of devices. At www.globalinfrastructureinstitute.org you will see the results of our restyling. We’re certainly interested to get your opinion and feedback on it.


One of the highlights to mention in this transition is that the United Nations adopted a set of Sustainable Development Goals for Infrastructure in September 2015. Our transition allowed us to align all our activities with these Sustainable Developments Goals. This enables us to work in close harmony with a wide group of governmental institutions and other organizations committed to these goals. Read more about that at our new website. We hope to see you at our new address, and we’re certainly looking forward to continue our work under our new name and keep our impact growing in the years to come.

The entire team of the institute.